None of us wants to be sold to on LinkedIn. We have a fierce aversion to it. It’s insulting on a professional platform.

Not in the newsfeed. Not in the DMs (Direct Messages). Not in the Groups. Not on the Company Pages.

We DON’T want to be SOLD to on LinkedIn.

90% of active viewers scroll by ads

47% of viewers block ads

Email marketing is super challenging also. Attorneys, Financial Professionals, and many others have super-high email security.

Anything that is bulk mailed, has an attachment, video, or links – is unlikely to squeeze by security parameters and spam blockers.

So, how do you reach potential clients? 

Organic Reach for Content is still the best way to stay Top of Mind on LinkedIn.

If you only post once a week, make sure it is something of high value and always be thinking about what is the next step you want readers to take? Visit the website, download a guide, signup for your newsletter, or connect with you on LinkedIn…

If you are posting more often, 3Xs or 5Xs/week, provide a mix of content. Something peripheral to your services, inspirational or motivational material that reveals your personality and values, once a month something more personal that relates back to business, educational posts, polls, a podcast you guested on, resources, checklists, a video… Vary your CTAs (Call to Action) You don’t need one on every post.

A great content strategy is easy to execute, consistent, drives traffic through your client journey, provides great value, entertains, and motivates people to action. 

When you connect with someone new on LinkedIn, for the first 2 weeks, they receive a notification whenever you post. LinkedIn prompts them to learn more about you.

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It’s all about the ROI

And, it’s still the best bang for your Bennys.  If you have a ready source of content and want to discuss this, let’s. It’s a long-term strategy that yields excellent results with potential clients and referral partners.

Email marketing is still one of the most effective strategies for small businesses and solopreneurs to grow their brand, increase customer engagement, and drive sales – In spite of all the pitfalls I mentioned earlier.

If you have a list, (I started with 52 people) and have a content source (blog, podcast, white papers, case studies, etc.) why aren’t you sharing it?

Build your community. There are many free and low-cost options – MailChimp, Active Campaign, Constant Contact, and many more.

There are no advertising fees, printing expenses, or media space costs, email marketing is a low-cost, high-impact marketing tool with an expansive reach.

Newsletters are a fantastic way to stay Top of Mind. It is another Long Game strategy and so cost-effective.

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19 Crimes: Cheers to the Infamous

If you’ve been on this newsletter for a while, you know how I feel about Snoop Dog’s ability to create an experience for his audience. It’s not marketing in the traditional sense. You participate. He’s a merchandising genius.

He’s created a whole insider, members-only experience around 19 Crimes . The wine isn’t impressive. But the experience is. People want to be a part of something.

Content Strategy and Email Marketing are 2 super effective cost-efficient ways to stay in touch with clients, former clients, potential clients and referral partners. They are long-haul strategies and absolutely depend on quality, not quantity.

What does your Client’s Journey look like? Do you have a comprehensive, easy-to-take-the-next-step PLAN?

Relationships Over Sales: How to Build a Brand That Sells Itself


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