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What is Your Simple LinkedIn Strategy?

March 15, 20243 min read

Is Your Marketing & Business Development Strategic or Chaos?

Almost 100% of the LinkedIn users I talk to Do Not have a plan.

Failing to plan means planning to fail. How will you get business from LinkedIn without a specific strategy?

Reframe your thinking just for a moment. What if all of your marketing and business development efforts were like a funnel? Endless ways to create -

Awareness --> Familiarity --> Preference --> and then Loyalty?

Your funnel can be made up of many different activities. In person and Online Networking, a Welcome Drip Campaign, Newsletter, Public Speaking, Lead Magnets, Old Fashioned snail mail, Mini Courses, One to Ones, Social Media Campaigns, Webinars, Video...

You don't have to do all of it. Just what makes sense to you.

Then it's architecture. A well crafted visibility machine to educate, entertain, establish credibility, differentiate, and stay top of mind.

Sound intimidating?

It isn't. It can and should be very simple.

Here's an example. One of my clients LOVES going to conferences and big events. And she really works them. (Way too much for my introverted soul) But it really works for her.

She meticulously connects on LinkedIn with everyone and sends personal invitations that mention where she met them. Great context for later. She posts valuable content with gorgeous visuals once a week. She stays in touch with her referral partners via email, lunch and coffee.

And the referrals keep coming.

Super simple. Her content campaign is delegated. She decides which events are the best to invest her time and $$$ in. As soon as she gets a referral, it's lunch. Staying in touch with referral partners is a quarterly coffee date.

She's doing what she loves and getting great results.

If marketing is a schlog, are you going to do it?

It won't work if you never get to it.

Are you going to put your best effort into it?

Marketing as a forced march is not effective.

I'm not saying you need to LOVE marketing. Just try to do the things you don't hate. If you hate doing something, why would anyone respond?

How does LinkedIn fit into your funnel?

Once you've established what your marketing mix is, think about how LinkedIn can grease the wheels. Here are some possibilities -

  1. Driving Traffic to your website (the above video talks about this)

  2. Providing a Scheduling Link

  3. Content Strategy to stay top of mind

  4. Video or LinkedIn Live to share tips

  5. Nurturing Relationships

  6. Network Building

  7. Establishing your credibility

  8. Sharing your values in a personal post

  9. Thought Leadership...

Don't overcomplicate it.

And always be thinking about, what is the next step? what is the small action step you want your audience to take? Make it easy.

Random acts of Marketing produce Random Results

Get more from your effort. Have a comprehensive plan. And use Digital well. There is only so much we can do One to One.

If you would to discuss your Marketing Plan and start crafting a Funnel, Schedule some time with me. It's way easier than you think. And, you probably have most of the pieces in place. Connect the dots.

until next time...


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