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LinkedIn Is Weird

March 29, 20244 min read

LinkedIn is Just Weird

LinkedIn turns 21 in May, which makes it one of the "Legacy" social media platforms. It was designed to be a searchable database to connect the right business people with the right opportunities.

From its inception it was meant to be B2B. Every other platform is B2C.

Many of the people I meet tiptoe around LinkedIn.

I know, its an awkward place. It has it's own etiquette and no one wants to be wrong or embarrass themselves.

Haters are more rampant on other platforms. Most professionals want you to succeed on LinkedIn. Some people are on Facebook just to sit in judgement. Or at least to be catty.

So, what is the deal with LinkedIn?

You have to be you. That's the whole point. Current truthful photo and accurate work history. Your former boss is on the platform and can call you out if you lie.

I love the clever handles on IG. @Imightbefunny, @baddadjokes, @thatgirlinthethirdrow, and so many more. I do not go by my name or business name on IG, although many people do.

The anonymity of other social media allows creativity, false bravado and bad behavior in about equal measures.

It's much more difficult to be funny, clever, spoof-ish... on LinkedIn. We all love and need a little humor. But on LinkedIn it has to be pretty tame and not offensive.

Back in the day on LinkedIn, people adopted this professional persona when on the platform almost like it was required. Unfortunately, no one knows who you are when you do that.

And that is another complaint I hear often. It's a tight rope act to decide who you want/need to be on the platform.

Not too formal for your golf and sporting friends, not too conservative or liberal, many choose not to be political at all, open-minded and accepting, or do you stand for an opinion and be a boat-rocker?

It's awkward. And, confusing.

There is no end of audiences and you want to get it right if you are trying to build relationships and attract leads.

Back in November I heard that Authenticity would be one of the trends for 2024.

I laughed so hard. That is such an overused word that it's lost meaning. And, if being the real you is a trend, boy have we arrived at a strange place.

And I haven't even address posting and "putting yourself out there" yet. That is super uncomfortable for many people.

Pre-Pandemic 30 - 40% of the activity in the newsfeed was Baby Boomers. They appointed themselves as the LinkedIn police. They have been known to shame people into compliance or exit.

Now, just 3% of the newsfeed is Boomers. The 'police' are gone. And, with them most of the etiquette.

60% of the LinkedIn membership is 25 - 34 years old. They grew up with social media. They maybe haven't made it to the ranks of leadership and upper management yet. Many are entrepreneurs.

I have seen LinkedIn really struggle to figure itself out the last 3 years.

~ 90% of the newsfeed activity is B2B. 6% is Job seeking. B2C is finally starting to make its way in. And, yes, you will see TikTok videos on LinkedIn occasionally.

Here's what I'd like you to consider.

Be you on LinkedIn. Yes, follow that Authenticity trend. Your people will find you and resonate with you and you won't have to work so hard to accomplish your business goals.

LinkedIn's best use is the establish and nurture working relationships. Selling is done off line. I don't hear too many cash registers ringing on LinkedIn. Build real relationship and business will happen.

If you want things to happen faster, shoot video. The fastest way to Know, Like, and Trust is your face in front of your perfect audience adding value to their everyday life. 60 - 90 seconds. Smile a lot. Add ridiculous value.

Most importantly, 80% of the people on LinkedIn feel at least a little awkward about what to do there. You are in really good company.

Get over yourself and just do it. Send the DM. Post the thing. Invite THAT person to connect. Do it. It gets easier.

With posting, remember this - it speeds through the newsfeed so fast. The number of people that see it is infanticimal. If you post something and regret it, you can delete it, or correct the spelling error and forgive yourself. Move on.

You won't die.

until next time...



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