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Don't Put Your Faith In Hashtags

March 07, 20243 min read

Let's Play Catch Up!

Some of the things you may be used to seeing are gone or have changed on LinkedIn.

#1. Creator Mode - You may have noticed the Hashtags that used to be a big part of Creator Mode are gone. They were located right underneath your Headline.

Please make a note:

LinkedIn is moving AWAY from Hashtags altogether

"...hashtags are no longer necessary for highlighting the most relevant content in the app, as its system now uses topics and keywords included within posts to highlight relevant conversations. With more advanced system matching, hashtags don’t really add what LinkedIn had been hoping they would in a discovery sense, so it’s now scaling them back as a focus, which also coincides with its increasing use of AI, which can also help to highlight more relevant conversations to members."

Here is the timeline for changes, straight from LinkedIn.

  • February 2024 

    • Profile hashtags will be removed to simplify the introduction section of your profile.

  • March 2024

    • The creator mode on/off switch will be removed from the Resources section of your profile.

    • Your About section will move to the top of your profile so that people can easily grasp your professional story. 

    • You will have the option to choose Follow or Connect as the main CTA on your profile— your CTA will remain Follow unless you update it

#2. LinkedIn Ads - Lookalike Audience Targeting

February 29th the Lookalike Audience Option disappeared. I have heard in conversations with Digital Marketers that the prices for LinkedIn ads has risen significantly. If you thought it was pricey before, now it is prohibitive unless you have deep corporate packets.

They will be introducing Predictive Audiences” and “Audience Expansion” which enables you to reach users with related interests.

Predictive Audiences can be created via info gathered from LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms, your contact list in the app, and conversions data generated via the Insight Tag. If your network has the right makeup, great. Otherwise, work on connecting with more potential prospects for best reach.

At the end of the day, IMHO, Linkedin is making it more challenging to reach new audiences with paid ads. The algorithms are also favoring paid ads more heavily. 40:60 mix paid:organic.

#3. People Also Viewed is being replaced with Other Similar Profiles.

I have always told clients to turn off "People also viewed." Why would you send people to the competition? The photo at the top shows the old feature.

I have yet to see the new feature on my profile. What is the purpose? LinkedIn says, "It was designed to help find relevant members you may consider connecting with."

Remains to be seen.

Lots is shifting in Sales and Marketing. I have A LOT to share in the upcoming weeks. I missed some time due to my first bout with Covid. It was brutal with 3 days of fever spiking at 104 off and on.

I'm back. And, I can't wait to share insights from the long awaited Algorithm Report. I have 123 pages to digest and simplify for you!

Happy Women's History Month!

until next time...


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