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Are You Solving the Wrong Problem?

February 23, 20244 min read

Are you trying to solve the wrong problem?

A Discussion of 3rd Party Automation on LinkedIn

In the past couple of weeks, I have had a number of people come to me with similar situations. They have signed up with companies that make all kinds of bold promises with their done-for-you services.

Most people I know dislike Marketing. They hate the time is takes, the investment, the thought process, everything about it. And the whole "self-promotion" idea isn't comfortable either.

LinkedIn is not a direct conversion tool.

There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of services out there that will offer to send invitations and build your network for you. Many require you also invest in Sales Navigator. Now you're into them for 5 - 10 thousand dollars. For 6 months. Or less.

It's tempting, saturate you network with tons of potential clients.

The problem is, you've skipped several critical steps in the process.

If you're profile is less than adequate, why would any of them connect? This is the #1 problem on LinkedIn. You lose before the process gets started.

You're just padding your network with low quality connections.

Most companies set all the parameters for you. Title, location, etc. If you haven't done adequate market research, or your business is drifting, what is the quality of those new connections?

And, once they connect - then what? They magically become instant clients?

There is no short cut to quality business development. You cannot get rich quick on LinkedIn.

How does LinkedIn work?

1) Have a great profile that is client focused and very clear about who you serve, what problem you solve and what results you bring. If you lose everyone after one look at your profile - all your effort is wasted.

2) Nurture your network. Who is already in your network that is a great referral partner that you should be contacting regularly to keep that relationship strong? Does everyone in your network know what you do? Who are the potential ideal clients in your network that haven't heard from you in a while? Are you easy to contact? 80% of my clients, high level professionals, don't have their current professional email address in their profile. Yikes! No. LinkedIn doesn't work if you don't do the basics.

There are many strategies to nurture your network. Content, outreach, newsletters, quarterly reminders for personal messaging, inviting people to lunch or a networking event... Staying Top of Mind is NOT hard. Or expensive.

You can have 10,000 people in your LinkedIn network and never get business from LinkedIn. That's easy.

It takes intention and effort to do quality Business Development on LinkedIn. If that first look at your profile sends people to your competitors, you've lost.

The Client Journey is long and complex. The higher the ticket item, the longer and more convoluted. Adding 100 new cold connections every week is part of the puzzle. (1- 10 is better if you met them) What about all the other steps? Can you nurture 400 new cold connections each month?

They don't know you. They don't care. Nurturing cold connections is a hard road.

I've been teaching Sales & Marketing for a long time. Here's what I think works -

  • Be active in a Professional Networking Group. Meet new people face to face and on Zoom every week.

  • Connect with them on LinkedIn

  • Decide what your Nurturing sequence is - email drip, regular personal outreach, newsletter, introductory webinars, content strategy, landing page, lead magnets... Pick 2 - 3 and do them well. Stay Top of Mind. Grease the wheels for know like and trust.

  • Make it EASY for people to meet with you when they are interested. I just spent WAY too long today trying to find someone's email address. He doesn't use his name, so it's cryptic, it's not on LinkedIn, not on the website. Such a turn off.

  • Make your packages, programs, etc. super easy to understand.

If a potential client has to work too hard at any stage, you lose. The whole Client Journey has to be seamless. With no huge gaps.

So I ask you - What is the Marketing problem you are trying to solve?

Most people lack any kind of nurturing strategy. This is where the biggest problem lies.

What are you doing to educate, inspire, entertain, and connect frequently with your audience?

All those great business connections you have - invest in them.

Referral partners and potential clients already in your network - that is where the fortune is.

until next time...


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