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Why Do You Need an Origin Story?

April 12, 20244 min read

What is an Origin Story?

The Power of Your Origin Story

One of the most effective and successful Hollywood Origin Stories is DC Comic's interpretation of Wonder Woman's Origin.

It's a great example of how Origin Stories work.

The Origin Story of your business is one of the pillars for building your brand. It is part of your DNA, your Secret Sauce. It's why you exist.

We are fascinated by other people's Origin Stories and we completely dismiss our own.

They are not easy to craft.

You have to dig deep into the layers beneath - motivation, an act of desperation, serendipity, a bold stroke of genius you acted on, sheer beginners luck, timing...

A great origin story is the foundation for your Brand.


Stories are so Memorable. Many times people can't remember your story, but they remember the feeling it gave them and that they really liked it. It resonated with them.

Relatable - It creates connection and takes people on your journey and they can find a piece of themselves in your struggle and triumph, like in a Hero's Journey. You invite people into your world, your thinking, and it displays your values.

Credibility - An origin story can demonstrate the expertise, passion, and dedication that went into creating the business.

Differentiation - Origin Stories are unique. They set you apart from the competition. A strong 'Why' is easy to identify with. What makes your business special?

Foundation - An Origin Story can ground your business with purpose, mission, and it shares your vision. We all want to be connected to something that matters and has impact.

Inspiration - Many Origin Stories start at a pain point, a moment of extreme hardship or despair. A life challenge like an illness or other crisis. Necessity is the Mother of Ingenuity. We need stories of hope. How did you ride out the storm and create something lasting? What is the problem you solved?

Brand Identity - Do you exist to accomplish more than just a profit? What is that bigger reason that legitimizes your business and rallies people to you? A good Origin Story creates a storyline to build your marketing off of and unites everything you do with your brand.

My favorite Origin Story is Amy's Kitchen. Excellent example of creating a brand around a need fulfilled, a family story - the creation of an accidental brand. Click on the link to see how they built a brand around their Origin Story.

There are too many Brands in the world that lack pizzaz, they have no soul or meaning.

The next time someone asks you, "how/why did you start your business?" - I want you to really think about it.

We take the formation part for granted. It was painful, hectic, confusing... We weren't so present.

Be present now. It's easier to laugh about it and see the wisdom in it in retrospect. Shape that to your advantage.

It took me years to formulate mine. I needed appropriate objectivity to do so. What a glorious, desperate mess. I'm pretty proud of it now. It makes me sound like a Badass.

Origin Stories are memorable and create connection. They help sort out who is a good client for you and who isn't. And it gives you a great foundation for marketing.

Do you have a great Origin Story?

I am creating a Landing Page from the newsletter about Content Ideas. The 21 ideas has expanded and I'm including examples of all of them.

Would you like me to feature your Origin Story?

The Landing page isn't finished but you can see the draft here.

If you know of, or have a great Origin Story, please share!

Great Brand sell themselves. You don't have to work so hard at Business Development.

Do you have a Great Brand?

Are you expressing it well?

until next time...



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