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There Will Always Be Haters

January 19, 20244 min read

There will ALWAYS be Haters

Lots of different ways to look at that.

When "Putting yourself out there," you always run the risk of attracting criticism. This is why so many never get too involved with social media and posting.

If you keep yourself so safe that no one can ever criticize you - well, is that even possible?

Each of us must determine the risk/reward ratio we are willing to accept.

On LinkedIn, I expect a certain level of professionalism. Not all of our standards are the same.

And, some people just can't seem to help themselves.

Have you ever experienced a strong Hater on LinkedIn?

About a month ago, I did. FIrst time since I have been on LinkedIn.

I posted an article from Fast Company about What’s wrong with saying ‘I hope you are well’ in work emails

Every day I receive InMails from people wanting to sell me a website, 40 appts a week, podcast promotion, etc. etc.

90% of those messages start with, "I hope you are doing well." They don't know me. Someone has taught them to attempt to be polite before they say, "Buy my stuff."

Your experience of "I hope you are doing well," may be very different. And most of us are genuinely sincere when we write that.

5 weeks ago, I received a hate email from someone I decided not to work with that started with that exact phrasing also. I read that and my defences are in full alert.

So the Hater.

Here is the post I shared. Most of the comments where interesting. "Wow, I never thought of it that way."

Another response was, "What's next? A book burning."

Change is hard.

Our language is changing rapidly. Use is changing even faster. When was the last time you wrote, "To Whom it may Concern"?

The point of the article was, make sure you are being personal and genuine. Overused phrases lose their meaning. You don't know the context of the person you are addressing.

If I receive that, I will assume it is a pitch or bad news. Because it happens nearly every day, that is my conditioned response.

Be intentional with the way you start your emails. Make it personal if you can. It's so worth it.

I have colleagues that are a little put out if they don't get a hater every once in a while. Controversy draws attention. I prefer not to do it that way.

But, generic content, that says nothing at all - IS NOT the way either. Who cares?

It is important to stand for something. Thought Leadership is about leading the edges of conversation on a specific topic. Thought Leaders welcome criticism and discussion.

And, there will always be those whose point of view is challenging to understand because it differs greatly from yours.

What are the results of the post from a data perspective?

Thousands of impressions, 28 comments, 15 reactions, and 2 reposts. LinkedIn algorithms reward engagement. It's all about the comments.

For Business Development, its all about attracting the attention and engagement of your audience. (Please refer to the screenshot below.)

I serve Attorneys, CPAs and Wealth Managers primarily. None of those 3 audiences are known to engage much. I 100% understand that.

Consistently, they are my top 3 audiences for impressions. Your audience also, may not want you to know they are paying attention. We DON'T want to be sold to. Thank you.

But if they are following you, you are doing it right.

This is my favorite LinkedIn KPI.

And, if you earn some haters, take it as a compliment.

until next time...


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What about the Pack?!

Sent in our second string QB 4th Quarter. Jordan Love, 99.3 QB rating coming out of Wildcard weekend. Youngest team ever in the history of the NFL to make the playoffs.

Talk about haters, No one chose the Pack to win that game. Unanimous for the Cowboys. Who never showed up.

This weekend is very conflicting for me. I love the 9ers. They deserve to go to the big dance this year. They are the team to beat. But I bleed Green and Gold.

Vince Lombardi said, "On any given Sunday (Saturday 5:15), anything can happen."

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