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Are You Struggling to Create Content?

January 26, 20246 min read

Content is Still Queen

Thank you SO much for all the feedback from last week's newsletter! I appreciate every comment. Thank you!

This week, I'd like to make a case for why you want to be sharing content. And not just on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn says, less than 1% of it's membership is sharing 4 - 5 Xs per week. There is SO MUCH opportunity. And less than 3% are using LI well.

Especially when you consider how low the quality of that content is.


It takes so little to impress your audience if you truly are sharing valuable content.

I have a client that told me, "Absolutely no posting! Don't even talk to me about it."

And then, she shared an article a friend had written that 100% applied to her target audience. She immediately received feedback. From an ideal referral partner.

Now she posts once a week, on Sunday and since July has gotten 4 clients from her referral partners and endless compliments when she goes to conferences and other meetings.

Once a week.

It doesn't take much.

I'm a writer. I've been doing this forever. And, still I struggle daily with what to 'put out there.' I haven't shared in 2 weeks.

It's so easy for me to do it for clients.

For myself? Root canals seem easier.

Many of my colleagues and clients have been asking about content. So, I thought I would share this with all of you. Please do share with your friends and colleagues.

So. What is appropriate to share?

  1. FAQs - Just because it's obvious to you, doesn't mean its not great material for someone shopping for your services. What will put their mind at ease, show them that you understand them? Cover the basics up front to create trust and awareness.

  2. Origin Story - People are fascinated by what we take for granted. How did you end up where you are? We LOVE stories. They connect us so deeply. And they go a long way to creating trust.

  3. What is the last big challenge you helped a client through? It's an excellent way to demonstrate what you do and share proven results.

  4. Share 3rd party articles on related topics with your twist added. Like the article I shared in last week's newsletter. It's all well and good what they say in Harvard Business Review. But what about the real world? How does it apply to your people?

  5. How To Video. The largest searches on Google are still How To. None of us wants to feel dumb. We are so grateful when we can find a simple video to answer our dilemma. For example, if I post a video about how to change your banner and best practices. Those attract new audiences.

  6. Trends in your Industry. So much is changing right now. No one can keep up with it all. Inform your clients and prospects.

  7. Data. What are the KPI's for your Industry? What story do they tell? Why are they important? Do you know what your SSI Score is? Or, what it means?

  8. Something Personal. A colleague shared a photo of him with a skateboard this morning. And a story about a 40 year old promise just recently fulfilled by his cousin. Great stuff! It shows who we are, what we value, how human we are... Big boost in trust. (use sparingly, and only when relevant)

  9. Inspiration. What are the things that inspire you? So easy and so meaningful.

  10. Humor. The research on this right now is insane. People are teasing Super Bowl ads and #1 right now is humor. We don't really want anything else. We need to laugh.

  11. Debunk some myths and misconceptions in your Industry. Your clients and prospects want to feel like insiders. Help them be more savvy. This really goes a long way to drive trust and business.

  12. Stats. O M G! This one is strong. This really helps with conversion. We all want to make smart decisions. Share statistics. Here's one. If you comment once a day in the newsfeed, you are 62% more visible.

  13. Client Success Stories. You don't have to get a video or testimonial from your clients. Tell the story. No identifying features. Just, Problem ~ Solution ~ Result. Best story arc in business development.

  14. Guest Podcasts. There is nothing 'stickier' on LinkedIn than a guest podcast. Think of all those links. The hosts site, Spotify, your post, their post, Featured section, your website, their website...

  15. A slide from a recent presentation. So effective. You get to name drop where you presented, possibly getting another gig, and you already developed that material. Share it again.

  16. Collaborations. Have you recently worked with another professional on a project? Talk about it. How did it benefit the client? What did you learn from the other professional?

  17. Photos from speaking events. If I share a photo of me speaking, I am guaranteed to have someone else ask if I can speak for their group. It is shocking the instant credibility this creates.

  18. Photos from Networking Events. People LOVE to see what others are up to. If you are getting yourself out there, people want to work with you. Be personable and share group photos.

  19. Testimonials. I have 2 clients that share 1 testimonial/week. It works wonders for credibility. Real people with real challenges came to you and received solutions. What could be better at driving business. Make sure they are not to braggadocious.

  20. Failures. Where did you completely fall down? What will you do next time? What did you learn? How did you overcome it? Nothing more powerful than this.

And the Bonus -

Thought Leadership. Most of my clients are at the pinnacle of their career. They have amassed so much knowledge and expertise. And they know when and how to apply it. If you are at this level, please do share with the rest of us. Shift our mindsets. Challenge us. Take us to the next level.

What has worked for you? I'd love to hear what I missed on this list.

Whatever you try, share. Get your voice into the newsfeed in a meaningful way.

until next time...


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