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12 Things to Cultivate & Nurture into 2024

December 22, 20236 min read

12 Things to Cultivate & Nurture into 2024

1) Kindness How do you respond to people behaving in a threatening or confusing way? Do you want people to respond to you with aversion and distrust?

Not very conducive to relationship or business. No one wins. Kindness keeps doors open and bridges gaps. You can't go wrong with Kindness even when it isn't received.

2) Delegation This one is challenging for me. Taking the time to teach someone how you expect things to be done and then letting go? Yikes. But, if we don't - we are keeping ourselves and our businesses small.

What can you let go of to give yourself more time and bandwidth to use your genius vs. being bogged down in menial tasks or things not in your area of expertise? Let go.

3) Alignment This one is so important. Are you in alignment with your business? Or are you faking it? Are your services in alignment with your clients needs and what is being offered in the marketplace? Are you and your business in alignment with your core values?

Do you know what your core values are anymore? I just did an intense session with my Biz Dev Coach to discover mine again. So good. So affirming. Do it!

4) Quality Time Time off and Quality Time Off are worlds apart. Quality time off Fills your well. It inspires you and refreshes you. It makes you come alive. Focus on getting in more Quality Time in 2024. Whatever that means for you.

My daughter is a CPA and she says "writing for pleasure" is an oxymoron. It's what fills my well. As does time hiking and having stimulating conversations with smart people. What truly fills your well?

5) Regular Exercise Your brain, your body, your soul need this. Humans were not designed to be sedentary. We are made to move. If you want less stress, more creativity, better sleep, greater general health - get your tennies on and walk. Dance in your office for 5 minutes. Do a 7 minute workout. The options are endless. I just started doing salute to the sun again. So beautiful.

6) Collaboration This is the way forward. None of us have all the answers. Synergy is additive. 2 or 3 peoples' ideas coming together is magic. When I work with Mary Sue, the owner of the CRM I use, whatever comes out of those conversations is 10X better than what my original idea was.

You want larger contracts? Collaborate. This takes time. You need to get to know someone and their services and business model. It is the long road. And, the road to bigger opportunity. Invest your time well. We aren't meant to be alone. Amplify your impact.

7) Referral Partnerships Who do you get the most business from? First of all, appreciate your current referral partners. Take them to lunch or a Warriors Game. (depending on the size and # of deals) I love to be generous. I love my business relationships. And, I love to acknowledge the people that are so good to me.

Second, how can you create and nurture more of those relationships? I work really well with Biz Dev Coaches, Branding Professionals and Marketing Strategist. Do a search on LinkedIn. Who is already in your network(1st connections) with that title? Reach out, have a coffee chat...

Then, search 2nd connections and start doing outreach. Connect, build relationship, get to understand them and see if you click. Find ways to refer and collaborate.

8) Open Mindedness Are you a Lifelong Learner? What is your attitude about AI? When was the last time you took a class to upgrade your skill set?

"we've always done it this way" Does. Not. Fly. Are you dating yourself and becoming obsolete? Decision Makers are getting younger and younger. If you sound 'ancient' - Good Luck. You will start to lose contracts to less competent people simply because of your refusal to remain current and relevant.

9) Listening Really. Just Listen. We all want to be understood. How can you help if you don't know what the problems/goals/desires of your prospects and colleagues are? I am so sick of people offering me solutions I did not ask for. Or, interrupting me when I'm saying something that is important to me.

Real communication is so rare right now. It's easy to differentiate yourself if you just listen.

10) Flow I don't know about you, but, 2023 was rough. Any flow there was became eclipsed by the rollercoaster of things. Many of the people I am in regular contact with it was the same. Life will always throw us curveballs. Some? Are more dramatic than others.

Here's what I want you to explore. Where are you resisting? Where have you slammed on the brakes?

If your life isn't flowing, the problem is you. Not life. You created a log jam somewhere upstream and will need to manage that. Resistance is Futile. Change only accelerates. Get out of your own way.

11) Starting Fresh We all dream of a fresh start. That is the appeal and the romance of the New Year. And, by week two or three we realize it's the same old shit storm. Because we have brought all our baggage and preconceived notions with us. And so has everyone around us.

Staring Fresh isn't easy. You need to examine all of your beliefs, habits, the things you say, etc. and change them. It is a Reinvention of ourself. Are you ready for that? Are you capable?

12) Forgiveness For self and others. All of us are just making it up as we go. We may have thought at one time we would have all the answers magically at some point. Our parents knew nothing. Our world is changing even faster than theirs. We are all doing the best we can with the information and ability we have. We're human. We're flawed. Beautifully.

Forgive your kids, your spouse, your next door neighbor and his dog that only shits on your yard. That client that is always 5 minutes late. And far more importantly than all of that - forgive yourself. Your intentions are for the best and highest good. Yet, on any given day, we may or may not achieve that.

Forgive yourself anyway. And, those around you.

These 12 Things should carry you to success in 2024 and beyond.

Have a Holiday Season filled with Love and Laughter.

until next time...


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